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Angel Therapy
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Why choose Angel Therapy?

  • You’ll power through excess weight, anxiety, depression, relationship or career issues, habits, sleep problems, stress or even deep traumas quickly but gently. Without these things holding you back, you’ll be excited and enthusiastic about life and motivated to make your dreams come true!

  • Your psychic gifts will open and you’ll experience greater connection to Source, your spirit guides and angels, allowing you an infinite supply of guidance, healing and inspiration whenever you need or desire it

  • You will find your meditation practice deepening, connecting you more profoundly to your inner wisdom and guidance. You’ll feel a peace and joy at knowing you have the clarity to make the best decisions for yourself at all times.

  • You’ll notice faster and easier manifestation. As you get into the right mindset for manifesting, you’ll find yourself with an increase in loving relationships, more money and greater satisfaction in all areas of your life.

  • You’ll enjoy all the physical benefits of better sleep, more relaxed wakefulness and a decrease in pain. You’ll have the energy and motivation to enjoy every day to its fullest.

What People are Saying…

As a believer in the paranormal and many other things, a past life regression hypnosis was right up my alley. I’ve always wanted to discover the things my soul’s memory cannot remember in this incarnation.

Luckily, Trena Barnes was available to me for a session. Her professional manner and amazingly calm voice put me at ease immediately as I was, in fact, very nervous to see what would transpire as I had never been hypnotized before. Like a pro, she had me deeply relaxed and in a meditative state within minutes of starting the hypnosis process. She made me feel comfortable and safe even though I was still nervous while being hypnotized. She guided me through the memories of three lives, all the while telling me that I was perfectly safe and protected. Each of these lives unlocking their secrets led me to a better understanding of who I am today and why I am the way I am today. It was a truly remarkable experience that has deeply changed the way I view myself and the people in my life as well.

If anyone is seeking answers to who they may have been in a different life then I strongly encourage you to choose Trena Barnes as your hypnotherapist. Calm, collected , and professional, Trena and I have even discussed future sessions together to try and unlock some deeply buried memories from my troubled childhood. I trust her with this, and you should too. Many thanks and praise goes to Trena for an amazing, powerful and moving experience.

Nathan Braun - Calgary, AB

After a full week of daily meditation using the awesome grounding and aura cleansing video that some of my friends posted about, I have to say I am extremely impressed. I’ve got knotted muscles in my back that usually only advil and heat get rid of as well as huge sleep issues. Not a lot of people are aware that I live with chronic pain. This week I am happy to say my back is feeling great, longest I’ve gone without taking advil in a very long time. I am sleeping much better and I truly feel great. Energetic and focused for sure! I was skeptical at first but am pretty amazed with my result so far. Thanks Trena!

Kari Reding