About Trena Barnes, Angel Therapist

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Trena Barnes
Trena BarnesAngel Therapist®, Clinical Hypnotherapist
I’m Trena Barnes, Angel Therapist, and I, along with the guidance and support of the angels, help people to move past their blocks so that they can live the life of their dreams.

I consider myself to be very blessed to be able to do the work that I do. During a particularly deep and moving meditation, one where I was feeling incredible joy, happiness and creativity, the angels explained to me that it was my life purpose to help others to feel as excited about life as I was feeling at that moment.

Although I had felt great levels of joy and creativity before, and my work as a hypnotherapist was deeply satisfying, I knew that integrating my work with the angels could take what I was doing to the next level. Using our gifts of psychic insight and communing with our Divine team of helpers can open doors for healing and bliss that most of us dream of.

I didn’t always consider myself psychic, and I certainly didn’t always work with angels, but from a very young age I studied these abilities by reading every book I could get my hands on. Although I tried many of the techniques suggested in these books, I had very little success with my own psychic abilities.

Still, I knew I felt called as a healer and studied massage therapy and Reiki. Finally, I was lead to Doreen Virtue’s Angel Therapy course in Hawaii and it was here that my psychic abilities took flight. I think my angels just knew that being in a room with several hundred of my “peeps” would give me the confidence I needed to finally open my gifts.

I’ve since learned that we all do unarguably have these gifts and we are using them all the time. What we don’t often know is how to recognize when we are using them, how to trust them, and how to practice with them.

From then, life hasn’t been the same in an incredible way. I continued my studies as a healer, now with my intuitive gifts at hand and earned certification as a medium, Theta Healer and hypnotherapist. While I’ve loved everything I’ve learned, hypnotherapy quickly became my favorite way to help people heal. It is profoundly effective at removing old programming in the brain that can cause self-sabotage, poor health and a host of mental and emotional issues. Done properly, hypnotherapy can, in just a few sessions, heal issues which can take years to work through in psychotherapy.

With such a powerful tool at my disposal, it only made sense to integrate working with the angels to create an even more effective method to heal. Working with the angels can help clients move through their issues even faster but in a more gentle way. Clients end sessions with their own intuitive gifts open and they can work with their own angels from that day forward. As the therapist, I can have the angels guide me to help the client in the best way possible, getting to their root cause faster and more easily than with my experience alone.

It’s my privilege to work as a team with the angels to help people heal and find the joy that is just waiting to be experienced. In addition to my work as an Angel Therapist, I plan to offer a host of hypnosis and meditation recordings and to develop courses to teach you what I’ve learned in my years working with the Divine.

I’m sending you a big Angel hug!