Self Confidence 3: Declarations for Self-Assurance


In this third installment of the Self Confidence program, Self Confidence 3: Declarations for Self-Assurance solidifies the confidence and self-esteem you’ve built in the first two programs, and provides a daily or weekly regimen to maintain these feelings for life.

Unlike the previous programs, the program on Self Confidence 3 can be used anytime. Put this on your music player to listen to while you are exercising, doing chores or even driving and have a constant stream of positive affirmations to feed your brain and reinforce your self esteem.

Making this recording a regular part of your life will propel you toward success with your health, wealth and happiness and ensure you feel confident and secure in any situation for life!

To listen to a track from Self Confidence 3, click below.


Self Confidence 3: Declarations for Self-Assurance

  1. Introduction – 2:42
  2. Self Confidence Program – 9:01

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