• Within and around you is a system of wheels that move energy around your body. These wheels correspond with the systems of your physical body as well as the beliefs you hold about the world around you. They are also the portal to your intuitive abilities. Keeping these wheels clean and working properly is the key to ensuring that you remain healthy both physically and emotionally. In Chakra Balancing, I'll teach you about each of your seven major chakras and give you the tools to keep them healthy and balanced. Worth noting, the music for this meditation was carefully chosen for its grounding and uplifting qualities. The composer reports that listeners have experienced both spontaneous emotional healings and angelic encounters! Included with your digital download is a PDF booklet with a quick reference to each chakra. To listen to a preview from Chakra Balancing, click below. This is a 15 minute preview, so feel free to grab some headphones and get comfortable!
  • Sit back and relax to Trena Barnes' soothing voice as you learn the basics of meditation. In Grounding and Aura clearing, you'll learn to connect with the energy of the earth and rid yourself of stale energy in and around yourself. You'll experience greater clarity, focus and energy during the day, while decreasing anxiety, depression and stress. Preview
  • We all need a little guidance now and then. Why not consult your loving angels whose mission it is to light the path to your highest happiness? With a one question, one card email reading, I tune into your guardian angels, ask them the answer to your question and pull a card from one of a variety of oracle decks by authors Doreen Virtue and Cheryl Lee Harnish. These decks are always amazingly accurate and insightful and I'll describe the card pulled in addition to using my intuitive insights to get you more information. Your answer is guaranteed to be a paragraph in length or longer.
  • Are you confident? How do you know? What are the signs of a confident person? Confident people have a natural feeling of ability, expertise and self regard. They know when they are right but they are not afraid to be wrong and will admit it, or admit when they don't have all the answers. Confident people listen because they know what they think, but also want to know what you think. They don't look for validation from others because they know that true validation comes from within. They own their mistakes and know that mistakes are truly learning experiences. They walk into social situations knowing their own worth and that they contribute to the lives of others including their friends, colleagues and loved ones. Most of us at some point have felt like we are lacking these qualities. We have felt nervous in new situations, we have felt unworthy of that new job, or perhaps we've even experienced social anxiety. Self Confidence 1: Re-Awaken the Confident You is designed to reprogram your mind to overcome these insecurities be they minor or major in scope, and to re-install the natural feelings of confidence and self-worth that are our birthright. Self Confidence 1 contains two meditation tracks. Track one is meant to be listened to in the day when you have 30 minutes to relax undisturbed. You will be guided through a series of images and suggestions designed to help you focus on your outstanding qualities and reinstall feelings of confidence and self-love no matter whether you need a little boost, or are battling major self-worth issues. Track two of this program is designed to be listened to at bedtime. It takes you through a series of positive suggestions while also containing subliminal suggestions which are hidden in the music. These subliminal suggestions cannot be heard by the conscious mind, however the subconscious can hear them and in the absence of conscious filtering, can quickly reprogram the mind into the confident self-assured person you want to be. In addition, this track contains delta wave binaural tones designed to help you move quickly into deep, restful sleep. Using this program for 21 days will allow you to finally know your worth and feel confident. You'll find new energy to go after that promotion, ask out that special girl or guy, or simply love that person you see in the mirror each day. To listen to a track from Self Confidence 1, click below. This is a 10 minute preview, so feel free to grab some headphones and get comfortable!
  • Building on the foundation laid down in the Self Confidence 1 program, Self Confidence 2: Access Your Inner Awesome teaches you to bring your confident feelings to the surface anytime you need them through the use of physical and emotional triggers. This program teaches you the concepts and feelings that are most important to feeling confident and brings them into your conscious awareness. If you find yourself in a situation where you could use more confidence, you'll automatically be able to access these feelings so that nervousness, unworthiness and anxiety in any situation become a thing of the past. You'll find yourself excited to join in social situations and undertake new challenges in life as you have a wealth of self worth to draw from at a moment's notice. As with Self Confidence 1, Self Confidence 2 contains both a day track to listen to when you have 30 minutes to relax, and a night track designed to listen to before bed. The night track contains subliminal suggestions for confidence building and delta wave binaural beats designed to help you drift into a deep, restful sleep. To listen to a track from Self Confidence 2, click below. This is a 10 minute preview, so feel free to grab some headphones and get comfortable!
  • In this third installment of the Self Confidence program, Self Confidence 3: Declarations for Self-Assurance solidifies the confidence and self-esteem you've built in the first two programs, and provides a daily or weekly regimen to maintain these feelings for life. Unlike the previous programs, the program on Self Confidence 3 can be used anytime. Put this on your music player to listen to while you are exercising, doing chores or even driving and have a constant stream of positive affirmations to feed your brain and reinforce your self esteem. Making this recording a regular part of your life will propel you toward success with your health, wealth and happiness and ensure you feel confident and secure in any situation for life! To listen to a track from Self Confidence 3, click below.
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    Are you ready to take your health, wealth and success into your hands? Are you ready to be remarkable? Purchase my entire Self Confidence Program as a set and you'll receive over two hours on confidence building meditations plus a handy program to solidify your new sense of self worth that you can listen to anytime. These programs are designed to help you focus on your successes and achievements and bring these feelings to your consciousness through the use of emotional and physical triggers. You'll never fear walking into any situation again as you'll feel confident and know exactly what to do to boost those confident feelings. In Self Confidence 1: Re-Awaken the Confident You, you'll learn what beliefs about yourself have been holding you back from feeling true love of self. You'll release them in a gentle and supportive process, then rebuild feelings of self-worth by choosing the new programs you want for yourself. In addition, the night program will flood your subconscious with supportive suggestions you'll hear and subliminal affirmations hidden under the music.  Binaural beats will quiet your mind into a deep, rejuvenating sleep. In Self Confidence 2: Access Your Inner Awesome, you'll build on the work from Self Confidence 1. You'll learn what it takes to feel confident and use cutting edge techniques to program your mind to call up your new confidence at any time during your waking life. The night program included, once again solidifies your confidence with audible and subliminal positive affirmations and binaural beats to help you sleep. Self Confidence 3: Declarations for Self-Assurance is a unique recording designed to use as a maintenance program after you've used Self Confidence 1 and 2. There are no suggestions to relax during this program so it can be used while performing any activity. Playing this recording on repeat as you exercise, do chores or drive will help you to maintain your new feelings of confidence and self worth for life. Try the Self Confidence series and save 20% by purchasing all three programs together! To listen to a track from Self Confidence 1, click below. This is a 10 minute preview, so feel free to grab some headphones and get comfortable!
      To listen to a track from Self Confidence 2, click below. This is a 10 minute preview, so feel free to grab some headphones and get comfortable!
      To listen to a track from Self Confidence 3, click below.